What is Modern Debauchery?  The word “Debauchery”, came into existence in 1642, meaning “an extreme indulgence in sensuality”.  The purpose of this website is to take you to a world, where the lines of Art and Pornography are melded into Pure Sensuality.  This website is intended for lovers of Erotic Art, Diviant Art and Subversive Eroticism.  A Collector of High End Erotica, Impeccably dressed to the nines and with a sense of Sensuality about them.  This website is for the Subversive Artist who Breathes Originality and settles for Nothing Less.  Moderndebauchery.com, is for the Explorer of Human Sensuality, the Perverse and the Arcane.  From Sculpture to Canvas.  Latex to Film.   Any viable medium is embraced and celebrated here.  From Gothic Art to manic obscurity, moderndebauchery.com is dedicated to the Allure of the Feminine Mystique and the realization that a Woman is Godlike and capturing her Allure and Lifeforce is beyond words.  Please enjoy your journey with us as much as we enjoy having you!  Please support our artists and visit them via our links.  That is all that we ask!