Lori Early

One look at artist Lori Early’s work gives one the uneasy feeling of being watched, of being dragged by the soul, into the pain that is evident within the ethereal watery eyes of her always-female subjects. Though not all of her compositions are “dark” in nature (one work features an entirely pink background and female figure, reclining lithely, swathed in princess pink), all of her figures have a look in their eyes that screams of deeper meaning than just what immediately meets the viewer at first glance, a look that requests that the viewers of her art meet the subjects of her paintings within their world full of loss, but…

Kyle Carpenter, This is what a Hero looks like.

Since seeing Kyle Carpenter on Letterman, I have just had a burden on my heart for this kid.  What a courageous young man.  So the story is this. In July 2010, Lance Corporal Carpenter deployed to Marjah, Helmand Province, Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom. On November 21, 2010, while joining his team to fight off a Taliban attack in a small village, he suffered severe injuries to his face and right arm from the blast of an enemy hand grenade, including multipleshrapnel wounds and the loss of his right eye.[5] After-action reports state that he threw himself in front of the grenade to protect a fellow Marine, Lance Cpl. Nick…

Vasily Konstantin

The compelling photography of Vasily Konstantin is both a stark and poignant journey into those big city alleys that you don’t venture down, at night.

Medea Teixeira

Medea Teixeira incorporates a varied mix of light and shadow, all wrapped around the most basic of eroticisms.


Unwired is a very interesting take on a darker brand of illustration.  Very crisp and clean, with a little bit of chaos thrown in.

Why I Love Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson and I have a very interesting relationship, even though I have never met him, personally.  It all started way back in the day in Denver, Colorado.  I was engaged to a stripper, and we were both in the goth scene back then.  I had really liked his music, and went to the local tower records store, and bought “Portrait of an American Family”.  She had never heard of them before and I played the CD trying to impress her with my prowess of finding really good music from up and coming bands.  She was like “ok, whatever…”  A couple of weeks later, she casually mentioned that Marilyn had…

Johnny’s Bird

I really dig the work on Johnny’s Bird, an older alt photography site.  The work is a bit scary, exciting and foreboding, all at the same time.  It’s worth a look.

Perspectives with Natasha Gudermane

in Perspectives with Natasha Gudermane, one only has to look at the work to see the many varied styles of this one.

Fetishism and the French

The person or persons that crafted this beautiful, sensual photography is quite obviously a fetishist.  Whether it is for the function or the form is part of the illusion.

Mona Khun

Very Cool works by this photographer.  I don’t know that much about Mona Khun, but she does have an eye for the art of the discipline.