Vasily Konstantin

The compelling photography of Vasily Konstantin is both a stark and poignant journey into those big city alleys that you don’t venture down, at night.

Medea Teixeira

Medea Teixeira incorporates a varied mix of light and shadow, all wrapped around the most basic of eroticisms.

Johnny’s Bird

I really dig the work on Johnny’s Bird, an older alt photography site.  The work is a bit scary, exciting and foreboding, all at the same time.  It’s worth a look.

Perspectives with Natasha Gudermane

in Perspectives with Natasha Gudermane, one only has to look at the work to see the many varied styles of this one.

Fetishism and the French

The person or persons that crafted this beautiful, sensual photography is quite obviously a fetishist.  Whether it is for the function or the form is part of the illusion.

The Exploitation of Men

The Exploitation of Men is  a very cool site, shot by a couple of gay men.  This is male sensuality through photography from a male perspective.

New York Nightlife in the 70’s

This very cool and subversive jaunt into New York Nightlife in the 70’s, was every bit as fascinating as I thought that it would be.

Monica Menez

Monica Menez is a very theatrical photographer, adding a very unique style to her work.  I love the color tones on each and every photo.

Torsten Solin

I love the surreal aspect of Torsten Solin and his work.  Alot of his work is very fractal, and I like this, often overlooked aspect in art photography.