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Why I Love Marilyn Manson

Marilyn Manson and I have a very interesting relationship, even though I have never met him, personally.  It all started way back in the day in Denver, Colorado.  I was engaged to a stripper, and we were both in the goth scene back then.  I had really liked his music, and went to the local tower records store, and bought “Portrait of an American Family”.  She had never heard of them before and I played the CD trying to impress her with my prowess of finding really good music from up and coming bands.  She was like “ok, whatever…”  A couple of weeks later, she casually mentioned that Marilyn had come into her strip club and they had met and hung out.  A day after that, she went to his hotel room, and all that I was told, was that they didn’t have sex.  She also said that he had a foot fetish.  Well I had a foot fetish too, and her feet were beautiful.  Just gorgeous.  I didn’t listen to his music after that, for about 2 years.  I was so pissed and how could I ever compete with Marilyn Manson.



I started listening to Antichrist Superstar and decided to give him another chance.  Years later, I met and became friends with one of his friends, and she told me that he was just a very cool, and personable person to be around and hang out with.  Well hell, now I want to meet him right?  About a year after this revelation, The Pale Emperor came out and I was just very impressed about the maturity of his music after a couple of so so albums.  I think that he very much proves that he still has that fire inside of him to make good, quality music, not necessarily for the masses, but rather himself.  So I guess that if you can look deeper into the persona of this guy and skip the controversy, that you just might find something that your soul has been looking for.  And Marilyn, if you happen to read this, I would love to do an interview with you, sometime!